What is PlasmaDNA?

PlasmaDNA is a DNA analysis and manipulation software designed in particular to facilitate the planning and archiving of cloning experiments.

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Most molecular and cellular biology experiments, and the techniques associated with this field, involve a great deal of engineering in the form of the manipulation of DNA sequences. Like all forms of engineering, very accurate information is crucial for successful design and implementation of strategies.

In 2007, the freeware PlasmaDNA was released, available both on Windows and Apple operating systems, designed to facilitate molecular cloning experiments by building a visual map of the DNA. It then allows the complete planning and simulation of the cloning experiment, automatically updating the new sequences generated in the process. The capacity to maintain the link between the multiple sequences can also be used to archive the various steps and strategies involved in the generation of each construct.

The program can be downloaded for free from a site hosted at the University of Helsinki (note: the page is no longer available; the software can still be downloaded from here)
It has been the subject of an open-access publication: Angers-Loustau et al, 2007

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The PlasmaDNA.net website was released in 2012 to complement and build upon the existing tool.

Using this web application requires the creation of an account, and adds the following advantages:

In addition, the web application is regularly updated to add functionality which does not exist in the older program. So far, this includes:

Creating an account and using the application is free, so come take a look!

Good luck with your experiments,

Alexandre Angers-Loustau and Ana-Maria Osiceanu
contact: admin(at)plasmadna.net

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